NVE Crafts

NVE CRAFTS is the brand through which I convey my love of the coast and woodland utilising a variety of natural craft products.

My name is Niki VonEhren.         

All products are unique due to the natural variety that is inherent in resources, which creates the design of the finished product. I create handmade gifts and ornaments made from Coastal and Woodland treasures, from reclaimed materials. No two pieces are the same.

NVE designs are always being adapted to reflect the beauty of the natural materials used. The ranges reflect the ever changing seasons during which materials are harvested. I scour the beautiful East Sussex coastline and woodland, and use what I find to create individual pieces of art and a range of bespoke and original useful objects.

My designs are constantly being reviewed to reflect the beauty of the natural materials I use, and are developed to complement seasonal ranges reflecting the times of year and habitat in which my materials are harvested.

The resources from woodlands and the coastline has become an excellent opportunity for me to combine my creativity and love of treasure-hunting to piece together unique works of art.


Have a look at my Art & Craft Gallery. I also make bespoke Centrepieces for special occasions, such as Weddings, Christmas, Parties, etc. If you can’t see what you want on my Gallery, please contact me. I am more than happy to discuss any commission pieces or requests you may have.

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